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New Map: Vorazo Island

Posted on April 13, 2022

Hello miners,

Finally it's here folks. Zenga presents to you the Vorazo Island!
Vorazo Island is an amazing new map that's being added to Zenga as another server. Our build team has done outstanding work and it resulted in a masterpiece.
On that note, we want to give out a huge shout out to the Zenga Build Team!

The Map Features
- 50 percent increased loot than Kapuro
- Advanced sewer, metro system across the entire map
- Various land types such as deserts, mountains, grasslands and forests
- 145 Non-Sponsor Houses
- 352 Sponsor Houses

The Mining Dead Map Update

Posted on January 12, 2022

Hello miners,

After years of requests, we've finally added bases! Bases are areas in the map that you can claim using money and resources. They provide item storage, farmland, and even item generation through each bases' armory and gunsmith. You can upgrade your bases as well to improve productivity. Bases can be raided on PVP servers but not PVE servers. Bases are heavily inspired by Rust and other factions type servers - they should add some nice variety in game play.

When claiming land for a base, you are given the choice between different base options. Note that each of the five structures (walls, storage, farm, armory, weaponsmith) have 5 tiers, so each schematic technically has over 3000 combinations of appearance. For the screenshots below I've randomly upgraded different structures to give a general idea of what things will look like.

Map Update
Along with the Base Update, there's also been a lot of big map changes. A snowy region has been added in the top left area of the map, along with a variety of islands in the bottom right hand corner. Atlanta has also undergone some changes - a school has been added and the Mall of the Dead is back. A swamp region has also been added nearby.

With this big update out of the way, we'll get back to making some smaller gameplay and quality of life changes, as well as bug fixes over the next couple weeks. Expect a vehicle update at some point.

Immersive World Update

Posted on November 24, 2021

Hello miners,

We have some exciting new features to show you and I’m pleased to announce the release of the Immersive World Update.

New Atlanta
Major shout out to all the builders that put tons of time and effort into making this a reality.

Mob & Loot Changes
The new ZMK update will feature a complete revamp on the current mob and loot system. When you explore the map, enemies will spawn depending on the region of the map you are in. Different regions of the map will have different loot (tiers 1-4) but will also vary in difficulty. Different regions will have stronger and more frequent mobs.

Ambient Region Sound Update
To get the best loot, you must pass into heavily protected whisperer territory (in the north-west corner of the map). Here, the time will be permanently set to night. Creepy ambient music plays in the background when you explore this region. If you don’t like the creepy music, you can turn off default Minecraft music. Other regions (e.g. Atlanta) have some added ambience sounds like wind and crickets.

Auction House and Sell All
This suggestion has been raised countless times, so I’m pleased to say that it’s been answered! The auction house is making its way to HavocMC. /trade will remain as a feature for 1 on 1 deals but the auction house will allow any player to buy/sell items to a server wide level. You can only use the auction house when stood inside a safe zone.

- To view the auction house do /ah
- To sell an item hold the item in your hand and do /ah sell

Vote Rewards

Posted on October 1, 2021

Hello miners,

It's a new month, and with this new month we bring new voting rewards! The entire vote reward system has been overhauled to make it more worthwhile for everyone with some pretty awesome rewards being added.

Supply Drops are obtained every 10, 25, and 75 votes (these counters are not reset at the end of each month)
- Every 10 votes - Basic Supply Drop (Tier 3 Gear)
- Every 25 votes - Elite Supply Drop (Tier 4 Gear)
- Every 75 votes - Juggernaut Supply Drop (Legendary Gear)

The bottom seven rewards are based upon your monthly votes and consist of
- 5 monthly votes - A Rare Crate
- 25 monthly votes - A Godly Crate
- 50 monthly votes - A Legendary Crate
- 75 monthly votes - 10x Camo Cases
- 100 monthly votes - One of each Legendary Weapon
- 120 monthly votes - A full Juggernaut Armor Set
- 140 monthly votes - A Shop Voucher worth $50

Earth CItadels

Posted on August 19, 2021

Hello miners,

Today we announce the newest addition to Zenga Network - Earth Citadels!
Earth Citadels contains a ton of new features and improvements. The goal of Earth Citadels is to shift the economy to be player-run, to create a stronger community that encourages trading between players. All the information about Earth Citadels is below!

Map Changes
Earth Citadels uses a 1:1000 scale map of the Earth for you to explore and build your town on.
Player positions, towns and claimed regions will also show up on the map!
The map of the Earth has limited structures and resources available. To give everyone a fair chance at finding all the resource they may need, there is a separate resource world available. You can find it using the /warp menu.

Economy Changes
The economy is now fully player-run, with no server shop. This means any items you need, will have to be collected by yourself or bought from others. But don't worry, we've made it much easier to trade between players to combat this!

Player Shops
Player Shops are a new addition to Citadel. These shops can be rented for different prices depending on the size of the shop. You can customize the interior of the shop however you want, and sell or buy items using chest shops! Below is a look at one of the shops that can be rented.

Auction House
The Auction House lets you put items for sale so that players can buy them while you are offline. You can have up to five items in the auction at one time.

Your primary source of income will likely be through Jobs. Jobs pay you for doing almost any in-game task. By default, you can join up to two jobs at a time, however you can purchase a third job using in-game money at the Perk Shop. As you increase your level in a job, you will earn more money per action.

Citadel Changes
Citadel remains the primary way to claim land, however various aspects of Citadel have changed too, such as:
- Daily upkeep increases based on number of town blocks claimed
- Bonus town blocks can be purchased in-game
- Town Flight added
- Citadel War system added
- Jail plots added
- Citadel Flight
- By default, players who have the Mythical rank are able to fly within their towns. Anyone can purchase this ability from the Perk Shop using in-game money.

Citadel War
Citadel uses a new war system that allows nations to declare war on each other. No land can be lost from warring, and nations can remain neutral by paying a daily neutrality cost, which prevents them from being attacked. Towns which are not in a nation cannot be attacked. More information can be found in-game with /help.

Black Market
The Black Market is a special shop available to VIP+ which opens every two hours, for five minutes. It contains powerful weapons, armor, tools and potions which have custom enchantments.

ZMK Combat Update

Posted on June 7, 2021

Hello miners,

Update time! Our latest ZMK update will be going live soon brings a ton of awesome changes to guns designed to making shooting things a whole lot more fun!
These changes are currently live on Warzone if you want to test them out. Check out the changelog below if you want to get into the specifics.

- New and improved recoil system, including both physical recoil and a slight crosshair offset. This adds a more skill-based component to PVP and makes the guns feel a lot more powerful!
- Updated zoomed views and gunshot sounds
- Some guns now have unique crosshairs when you zoom!
- New control scheme. Zooming is now exclusively done through crouching. (If you are a bit old fashion, you can change back to the old control scheme through /controls)
- Bullets now use raytracing, which will decrease the entity count and make the whole server less laggy
- Collaterals! Kill 2 zombies with 1 bullet
- Bullets can now go through fences, glass etc.
- The glorious Golden Spas 12 has been added! It can be earned through voting!
- New mystery weapon. (Unlocked by voting)
- Various aesthetic updates
- After years of being kind of lame, the Firefly Flamethrower can finally kick some ass!

ZMK Combat Update

Posted on May 2, 2021

Hello miners,

We have an amazing rework which has just been released in the PVP Server!
This update includes alot of changes to ZMK combat and introduces a couple of exciting new items.

Combat Changes
We have officially updated to our new combat system, which has been being testing on the Practice Server. This updated systems bring a variety of changes listed below.

- Damage Dropoff - Several guns (mainly Pistols and SMGs) now feature damage dropoff. They will now be much more effective in close range combat, but will be ineffective at further ranges.
- Recoil - Fully automatic weapons now have recoil. Recoil will get worse the longer you shoot and is reduced by aiming down sights.
- Fire Types - Some Assault Rifles now have different fire types. You can switch fire types by crouching twice in rapid succession while holding the gun.
- Crouch Accuracy - Crouching now will give you the same effect on gun accuracy as left clicking to zoom.
- Head Shot Detection - Head shot detection has greatly improved. All guns will do more damage on head shots.
- Grenades - You can now left click a grenade to throw it much further.
- Medical Item Changes - All medical item use times have been decreased and a new syringe item has been added (more info below). This is to promote longer fights.
- Gun and Armor Values - All gun damage values and armor values have been heavily altered. Armor is now much stronger, which should lead to longer and more enjoyable fights.

New Features
In addition to the combat changes listed above, this update also brings a couple of fun new items.

- Map - a map items that gives players access to an in-game version of the map.
- Syringe - a powerful medical item that is intended to be used before big fights. This item will give players 4 extra hearts, as well as Speed 1, and Resistance 1 when used.
- Kit Changes - 4 new kits have been added (Alpha, Ezekiel, Judith, and Magna). Some of these kits will feature abilities and items which have not yet been added, so expect improvements to them soon! Many of the other kits including the free kits have been revised as well.
- Menu Update - Both the Help and Kit menus have been improved to make them easier to use (kit menu shown below).

Build Competition March

Posted on March 12, 2021

Hello miners,

We are finally back with another build competition!
The previous competition winners can't win this competition.

/competition in order to teleport to the competition world

Theme: Easter
Dimensions: 61x61
The competition starts on Friday 13 March 2021
The competition ends on Tuesday 31 March 2021

The first place receives 1.000 credits, second place receives 500 credits and the third place receives 250 credits.
The winners will be contacted through in-game.

Build Competition December

Posted on Dec 4, 2020

Hello miners,

This years last build competition for our server is here!
The previous competition winners can't win this competition.

/competition in order to teleport to the competition world

Theme: Christmas
Dimensions: 61x61
The competition starts on Thursday 5 December 2020
The competition ends on Saturday 28 December 2020

The first place receives 500 credits, second place receives 300 credits and the third place receives 200 credits.
The winners will be contacted through in-game.

Staff Update

Posted on Nov 12, 2020

Promoted to Moderator

Store is back Online!

Posted on Oct 19, 2020

Hello miners,

The store system is back online with a few more payment methods, also all payments are fully processed within a few seconds, at most a few more minutes if manual fraud check is required.

- Zenga Network Team

Store is offline

Posted on Oct 11, 2020

Hello miners,

The store system is offline for a short period due to an unexpected hiccup, we are working hard to restore it as soon as possible!

- Zenga Network Team

Build Competition October

Posted on Oct 2, 2020

Hello miners,

We have a new competition in store for you!
For it to be fair to everyone we decided that the previous winners can't win this competition.

/competition in order to teleport to the competition world

Theme: Halloween
Dimensions: 61x61
The competition starts on Thursday 3 October 2020
The competition ends on Wednesday 30 October 2020

The first place receives 300 credits, second place receives 200 credits and the third place receives 100 credits.
The winners will be contacted through in-game.


Posted on September 2, 2020

The SkyBlock servers have been updated to 1.13.2.
Your levels might be lower or higher than before, that's due to the new blocks that have been added. The islands haven't been reset, you will continue from where you are.
The update might have caused your chests to become ender chests or that signs became kelp. The older system isn't fully compatible with the old maps so it's up to you whether you want to start fresh.

  • McMMO - Leveling has been adjusted, checking your levels will now appear in chat and rank-ups are shown in the boss bar and it will no longer break the scoreboard. New skills and new levels are also added.
  • Default Island - You can no longer select the default island on creation.
  • Old islands - Old islands (older than 60 days) will now be deleted in order to keep the world small.

  • End islands - The island has an empty end portal framerwork which needs to be filled with eye of enders. Upon walking through it you will be teleported to the end of your new island. This will only work with newly created island which are made after today.
  • Spamming system - The new system will help us to prevent spamming bots or players who repeat the same message over and over again.
  • Disguises - AS you know from the creative server, you are able to disguise into npcs using the /dis <type> commamnd, now you are able to do the same on SkyBlock. You can check the store ingame to know what you can transform into.
  • Island Permissions system - Unlike the old system which was quite outdated and not working properly, you are now able to exactly specify which groups are allowed to do which action, you just have to left-click or right-click the items in /ls settings and select which group is allowed to do which action.

July's Build Competition Winners

Posted on August 1, 2020

Congratulations to July's build competition winners!

1. Mihanko
2. Arter29
3. DjKanker

1st Place: 300 store credits.
2nd Place: 200 store credits.
3rd Place: 100 store credit.

Winners will be contacted in-game to claim their prizes.

Build Competition July

Posted on July 15, 2020

Hello miners,

We have a new competition in store for you!
For it to be fair to everyone we decided that the previous winners can't win this competition.

/competition in order to teleport to the competition world

Theme: Roman
Dimensions: 61x61
The competition starts on Wednesday 16 July 2020
The competition ends on Wednesday 30 July 2020

The first place receives 300 credits, second place receives 200 credits and the third place receives 100 credits.
The winners will be contacted through in-game.

Welcome to the website!

Posted on July 14, 2020

Welcome everyone to the new Zenga Network website and forums! We have put alot of work into this to make it eye-appealing.

Website changes
  • Amazing homepage with lots of responsive buttons
  • Voting can now be done through the website
  • New eye-appealing logo that matches minecraft
  • Swapped to light-blue theme
  • News section to keep you up-to-date

- Zenga Network Team